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Need A Tooth Extracted?

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Gentle Extractions With Little to No Pain

In most instances, a dentist will do everything they can in order to save and preserve a tooth. However, there are inevitable circumstances where a tooth and its root structure must be removed. Below the outermost surface of a tooth (the crown), is a complex root structure composed of living, vascular tissue. This tissue reaches deep into the jaw (via a root canal) and stimulates bone cells with vital blood flow, oxygen, nutrients, and minerals. In the event that a tooth is severely damaged or in an advanced stage of decay, it might need to be extracted in order to clean out deep underlying infection and preserve the health and integrity of the bone cell-matrix of the jaw.

In other instances, a tooth might need to be extracted prior to an oral restoration procedure, such as denture fabrication or full mouth dental implant surgery. At Dental Implants of Spring Hill, Dr. James Muir is an extraction specialist with nearly 20 years of experience in all facets of tooth removal. As the tooth extraction experts in Spring Hill, FL, Dr. Muir and the team at Dental Implants of Spring Hill will ensure that your procedure is as seamless, comfortable, and pain-free as possible.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Third molars (wisdom teeth) typically begin to develop and become exposed in the early teen to early adult years. Wisdom teeth removal is necessary in many instances, particularly when a lack of space causes the teeth to become fully or partially impacted. In instances like this, severe decay, inflammation, bleeding, and swelling can develop as a result of the impaction. Dr. Muir offers wisdom teeth removal in Spring Hill, FL, using cutting-edge imaging technology in combination with advanced sedation options to make sure that your experience is efficient, effective, and virtually pain-free.

When (And Why) A Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

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How The Extraction Process Works

The team at Dental Implants of Spring Hill, FL, has extracted thousands of teeth in nearly 20 years of service to patients in the Hernando County area. Dr. Muir understands the fear and trepidation that most patients are filled with when they have to have a tooth extracted, which is why we take extensive measures to ensure the extraction process is as gentle and painless as possible. First, Dr. Muir will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Next, he will use a special tool called dental elevators to slowly loosen the tooth in the socket. After the tooth is loosened, Dr. Muir will gently extract the tooth using a pair of extraction forceps. With the proper sedation, the entire process will be virtually pain-free, and the tooth will be removed before you even realize it.

Simple extractions (above the gum)

Surgical extractions (below the gum)

The Importance of Post-Extraction Care and Maintenance

Of course, removing a tooth leaves the socket open and exposed to bacteria and infection. Before you leave the office, Dr. Muir and the team at Dental Implants of Spring Hill will provide you with detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain the area to avoid complications and post-extraction infection. With the proper care and maintenance, the socket will heal over in a matter of days, at which point you will be ready to continue your oral treatment.  

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Tooth Extraction Specialists With A Pain-Free Approach

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