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In-House Lab Services With Same-Day Fabrication

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Dental Implants With Lightning-Fast Turnaround Times

In the past, patients have been turned off of dental implant surgery for a number of reasons; they are worried about how long the procedure will take, they’re worried it will be too painful, and they’re worried that it will cost too much. At Dental Implants of Spring Hill, Dr. James Muir and his team of experienced implant specialists have made revolutionary improvements that essentially negate all three off these concerns.

For patients in Spring Hill, FL, and the greater Hernando County area, implants are more affordable than ever thanks to our inclusive financing partners and our office’s adaptable payment plans. Implant surgery is also far less painful than it was even just a few years ago thanks to our range of powerful anesthesia options. And last but not least, implants can now be placed on the very same day of surgery thanks to our state-of-the-art full mouth dental implant lab right here at our Spring Hill, FL, dental practice.

The Technology We Use

How does it all work? First, a patient will schedule a visit to our Spring Hill office for an implant consultation with Dr. Muir. If the patient is deemed an eligible candidate for implants, impressions of the teeth will be taken and a date will be scheduled for the surgical placement of the dental restorations. After the impression has been obtained, Dr. Muir and our team of implant specialists will custom-fabricate a brand-new set of teeth in our in-house dental lab using advanced software systems and a variety of industry-leading technologies. Some of this technology includes: 

In most dental offices, impressions must be sent off to an independent third-party dental laboratory in order for the temporary and final restoration(s) to be made. At Dental Implants of Spring Hill, our team custom fabricates everything in-house, allowing us to carry out a seamless implant process wherein the patient is in full contact with both the surgeon and the laboratory technician from start to finish.  

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Investing in the Patient Experience

Why do we go to such lengthy measures as investing in a full-scale, in-house dental laboratory? It’s simple: our team is committed to serving patients in the best and most compassionate way possible, and this applies to everything from the surgical results we guarantee to the in-office care we deliver. Tooth extractions are often needed in the event of implant placement, and no patient wants to go weeks (or even days) without teeth while they’re waiting for their custom restorations to be made. Thanks to the in-house lab at Dental Implants of Spring Hill, Hernando County patients can enjoy both world-class results and unparalleled post-surgery turnaround times. In fact, in most instances patients are able to walk out of our office on the very same day of their surgery with a brilliant new smile, and a beautiful set of brand-new teeth. 

Boosting Patient Confidence, Building Better Results

Building our custom full mouth dental implant laboratory was just one of many investments we have made in nearly two decades of dental service to Hernando County patients and families. The goal of Dr. Muir and the implant team is not only to offer stunning, world-class full arch restorations, but to offer affordable dental implants that boost the confidence of both the patient and the dentist. Implant placement is a complex surgical procedure that requires years of experience and highly skilled training; having an on-site dental laboratory allows Dr. Muir to oversee the process from start to finish, thereby ensuring perfect smile results in as little time as possible. If you’re tired of missing teeth and are ready to take the first step toward achieving a brand-new smile, call or visit Dental Implants of Spring Hill today – we guarantee it will be a life-changing decision.

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Setting A New Standard for Dental Lab Technology.

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