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Dental Implant Options for Patients With Severe Bone Loss

Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants: Alternative Solutions for Missing Teeth

Dental implant surgery is a restorative procedure for patients with missing teeth. After surgically placing four to six titanium implants into the jaw, custom fabricated restoration teeth are then attached to the implants to fully restore a patient’s unique arch of teeth. Dental implants are far and away the superior option for missing tooth replacement, and they result in a beautiful, stunning new smile and durable functionality that lasts for decades on end.

In some instances, however, there is not enough healthy bone mass in the jaw for the oral surgeon to drill and surgically place an implant. In this circumstance, alternative options such as bone grafting or zygomatic dental implants may be necessary. Placement of zygomatic implants demands an extensive level of skill and experience, and Dr. James Muir and the team at Dental Implants of Spring Hill is one of the only dental practices in central Florida to offer this advanced implant option for patients with severe deterioration of the jaw bone.

How Zygomatic Dental Implants Work

Traditional dental implants securely anchor an implant post into the jaw bone, or maxilla. When the maxilla is deteriorated due to resorption and cannot accept an implant, an experienced dentist may be able to place the implant into the cheekbone (zygoma) instead. In some instances, an implant specialist may be able to place the implant into the pterygoid process of the sphenoid as well, which is a dense, very rigid bone located behind the jaw. Both zygomatic and pterygoid implants can provide a range of alternative benefits when traditional implants are not possible.

Some of these benefits include:

Are You a Candidate for Pterygoid or Zygomatic Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth but have been told by another dentist you are not a candidate for implants due to deteriorated bone, you may be a candidate for pterygoid or zygomatic dental implants. In just a single office visit, Dr. Muir will be able to evaluate your condition and determine your candidacy for this life-changing restoration. Missing teeth can result in a number of complications that affect day-to-day life: it can be painful to eat and chew, it can be difficult to speak, and it can be embarrassing to smile out in public. Zygomatic implants offer a restorative solution for missing teeth that will result in a gorgeous, brand-new smile and a perfect set of new teeth that will be durable and reliable for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, zygomatic implants can be placed in a single office visit. And thanks to Dr. Muir’s full range of sedation and anesthesia options, most patients do not feel a thing during the entire surgical procedure. Dental Implants of Spring Hill, FL, also works with patients to provide affordable access to treatment, and we will gladly work with you personally to develop a financing and payment plan that will allow you to receive full mouth zygomatic implants and set you on a path to obtaining perfect teeth and a healthy, beautiful new smile.

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