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Why Do Patients Need Bone Grafting?

Below each one of our teeth is an intricate root structure composed of living tissue. This tissue reaches deep into the jaw via a root canal; when we bite down and chew, the jaw is stimulated with blood, oxygen, and nutrients from the tooth’s root. When a tooth is missing, the jaw no longer receives this crucial stimulation. Consequently, the jaw will begin to resorb, essentially breaking down and disappearing over time. A dental bone graft is a procedure wherein healthy bone from one part of the jaw, is relocated to another part of the jaw where bone loss has occurred. 

Strong, healthy jaw bone is the foundation of oral health. When a patient has bone loss, a variety of severe oral health complications can arise – including infection, soft tissue disease, and distorted facial features. Before an oral surgeon can carry out a restorative procedure (such as denture placement or implant surgery), the patient must have sufficient bone mass. At Dental Implants of Spring Hill, Dr. James Muir specializes in dental bone graft procedures that help rebuild and restore the jaw. Bone grafting takes live bone cell matrix from a healthy area of the jaw (or from an entirely different area of the body), and relocates it to an area that has experienced bone loss.

The Importance of Restoring Lost Bone

A dental bone graft procedure is crucial for a variety of dental treatments, and it can help restore bone density and bone thickness prior to a restoration procedure. If you have suffered from missing teeth, it is likely that you have experienced some degree of bone loss. Dr. James Muir has provided nearly 20 years of expertise and bone grafting in Spring Hill, FL, and will be able to accurately determine during an initial consultation whether a bone grafting procedure is right for you. Among other applications, bone grafting can help with:

Socket preservation with a bone grafting procedure is necessary after a single tooth or multiple teeth have been extracted. The procedure involves relocating bone into the empty tooth socket, which helps to slow the resorption process. This procedure is often necessary in order to preserve bone integrity until surgical implants can be placed.

Ridge augmentations are a type of bone grafting that build up the thickness and density of jaw bone that has deteriorated. This procedure is important for rebuilding and reshaping the natural contour line of the jaw and soft tissue, and serves as the foundation for a strong, functional, naturally aesthetic smile.

The Foundation of a Fully Restored Smile

Bone grafting procedures serve two fundamental purposes: they restore bone mass and correct oral health complications at the foundational level, and they prepare the upper and lower jaw for restoration procedures such as dentures or dental implants. A perfect, beautiful new smile is possible in just a few short visits to Dental Implants of Spring Hill, but it all starts with a strong, healthy jaw. If you’re ready to restore your smile and enjoy the lifelong benefits of perfect, healthy teeth, give our team a call today and schedule your bone grafting consultation with Dr. James Muir and the expert team at Dental Implants of Spring Hill.

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